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If any potential parents would like the opportunity of speaking to a current parent or a parent whose child is now in elementary school; never an issue. Beginner Steps Daycare feels it is very important that the parents communicate and listen to recommendations from other parents like themselves. Laterally it is the care, communication, nutrition, and education of our children that shows importance to those parents that care where their children are throughout the day. 
Some of what we do each day...
Science...Live Insect, learning, hands-on, pop- up mesh house...We are about to put in our order for caterpillars and sunflower seeds for the garden.
All of us will watch the caterpillars grow and turn into cocoons and butterflies. We grow our sunflowers for the bees which keeps them away from ourselves.
Growing Challenge...
Start our plants from seeds in the house and eventually moved into the ground outside beginning in April, time to order all of our seeds.  
What we are Learning...How does our garden grow....
We are learning different stages of a plant. We all learn everyday in everything we do, Ms. Debbie makes sure we all get our hands dirty and very much involved
Shapes and Colors... Ms. Debbie uses everything around us both inside and outside. As you know so much around us is made up of shapes and colors. We have started to incorporate shapes and colors into our projects, did you know kids made roofs out of a traingle and doors out of a rectangle?  Very creative when they are in the midst of learning!
First Words...Even just turning one we are learning all kinds of first words, animals, their babies and sounds.
This is done in several ways dependent on the child's age. To date by 18-19 months most of the children are already singing their ABC's, starting short vowel sounds before long vowel sounds, and recognizing the letter in general. Next matching the upper case letter to the lower case letter. Flash cards are made for the child dependant on what are their favorites things. We have started to add two letters per week, making the letter out of a character that starts with it and our many arts and crafts teach us the letter sounds.
Arts n' Crafts...
Ms. Debbie does arts n' crafts with every aspect of our education.  You would be surprised how much easier it makes learning.  And always such a surprise!
Our last project in 2019 we became little elf's to hang at home. We are next going to build an habitat for hermit crabs.....

"I look forward to socializing, communicating, and teaching each and every child in my care!"
Debbie Esposito - Beginner Steps Daycare
The last of our Garden Project
Creating our vision for inside
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